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Welcome to MortHub, the software development team at Falkner Technologies, LLC. Falkner Technologies has been in the IT business for over 18 years servicing all of Mifflin County and Central Pennsylvania including Lewistown, Burnham, Reedsville, Milroy, Belleville, State College, and more. Based out of our office in Downtown Lewistown, PA we have been the go-to professionals in the area that the community has learned to count on for all of their IT needs.

Having grown our business and reputation over the years, we are able to offer you something even more -- Website and Software Development.

Since launching our web development department, we have had the opportunity to work on many commercial websites that we hand-crafted from scratch. We have helped non-profit organizations, insurance agencies, and home inspection companies in the past just to name a few. We also helped with the deployment of a successful campaign for a judge who says that our help gave him an edge on the competition which helped him win the election by a long shot. What's more, we've even created a fully customized website for a popular broadcaster and actor in California who see's thousands of hits on any given day.

We are a unique company, in that we will never try to sell you something you don't need just to benefit us. We take the time to sit down and listen to your needs and determine the best possible solution for you. Our developers all have degrees in software engineering and when we take on a project, we will deliver. We aren't just a web development company. Sure, we can develop top-notch websites that stand out over the competition, but we do much more than that. If the project is creating a new website or maintaining one, setting up social media and marketing it, search engine optimization (SEO), or advanced IT services and consulting, we have the resources to make it happen.

... The internet world is changing and we are dedicated to staying ahead of the curve with all the latest technology and marketing methods so we can offer our clients the very best solutions for their growing businesses. If you need a better internet presence, look no further than MortHub.

Why our websites stand out

Friendly Staff

When you work with us, you are not just another client; we treat you like family. We will take our time with you explaining what you need to know and get you through every step with minimal effort.

Cost Effective

Whether this is your first venture or you have a well established, large corporation, we will deliver the best quality software so you can increase your online presense and drive more traffic to your business.


We can provide everything for your project from start to finish. Not only do we plan, design, implement, and test; we can also host your website for you if you don't already have it and provide all maintenance!

Our Offerings

Unsure but want to try?

Unsure Trial Monkey

Get started with as little as $50*

We are so confident you will love creating a website with our team that we invite you to give us a try with very little investment. Get a fully customized website started today with only $50! Yes, you saw that right.

This is a trial period that extends up to 6 months that allows us to build and deploy a website for you for only $50/month, which includes all consultations and correspondences, all hosting costs, domain registrations, and more.

After we help you create and edit your dream website, you can then start paying for the design, if you so desire. You can cancel the trial at any point.

We know first hand what it's like to be in the market for a new product, and it might be difficult making the right choice for your web development needs. We are the ones you can trust and we would like to prove it to you.

Drop us a note any time with any questions or to get your new project started

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